Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello, World!

Hi all,
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The initial details from the project description are re-posted below, and more is coming soon.



Sanjha Choolha : sān-jhā choo-lhā

n. A communal kitchen popular in the villages of Punjab

If you have worked in non-profits, you would have also felt that there are times when we cannot properly utilize the manpower available in enthusiastic volunteers. Sanjha Choolha aims to be a system to solve this key problem.

The key concept behind the system is that of an

Acton: act-on

n. Fundamental unit of action

The idea is to post actons on a system, and allow people to easily search and volunteer for them. One constraint will be that each acton has an upper limit on how much time it is expected to take.

This system helps people to contribute towards a common goal by signing up for and completing concretely defined tasks with clear requirements of time and skills.

What YOU can do

Well, a lot, actually. For starters, how about "starring" this project using the star icon on your right. Also,

  • Visit our Hello World Issue and star it. Or post a comment.
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  • Have a look at the mockups, and let us know what you think
  • Let us know if you have one or more of the skills in the section below.

Skills Needed

This is planned to be a project for the google app engine, but nothing stops us from porting it to other platforms. For now, the skills needed are:

If you are interested, drop a line to animesh @


Stay Tuned!

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